About Cabkart

Have you ever felt hungry or the need to buy something while rushing to your destination in a cab? Well, we have the solution you have been waiting for. CabKart is the concept that provides you with an in-cab shopping experience with a basket of products that range from beverages, munches, travel utilities, mobile accessories, power banks, compact portable speakers, etc. There is a high level of precision involved in the selection of products based on consumer needs.

Hail a cab that offers the CabKart experience of Car-O-Shop.

Go through the extensive menu of products offered and place your order to the driver.

Driver provides you with the product and you can pay using multiple modes of payment.

Concept - Cabkart

Step 01

Availability of product basket in the cab

Step 02

Travelers can select the products from menu card

Step 03

Product delivery by driver

Step 04

Payment received- online / cash


Mobile App Download for CabKart Partners

If you are a CabKart registered partner / driver, you can download the app by clicking the link below from the Google Play Store.

Google Play